Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vegas... best birthday ever!

November 26: Monday Night we put up our Christmas lights outside. When we came in, Jay gave me my birthday present. He handed me a copy of the itinerary for a trip to Las Vegas!!!

November 27: Tuesday, every person that I told about the trip asked me the same thing, "do you think you'll get engaged?" and I (not so very nicely) replied, "nope, but thanks for ruining our vacation and my birthday present". I tried to push that thought out of my head BUT I WANTED IT TO HAPPEN SOOOOOO BADLY!

6pm: Since Jay wasn't home when I got home from work, I started packing for the trip and trying to convince myself I didn't need anything new. But I was feeling a little down and when I'm bummed, there are few things that get me out of a funk like shopping. Now, shopping for sparkly Vegas-inspired things, that's even better!  I knew that would brighten my mood. So I called Jay to see where he was. He was still at work. I told him I wanted to go out shopping and he said we could when he got home because he needed some stuff too.

2 hours later... the almost ruined surprise

My mom texted me so I called to talk to her while I packed and did laundry. "What's Jay doing with your father?" was the first thing she asked me. MIND in OVERDRIVE... "well, I didn't know Jay was with Dad. I thought he was still at work." Then my mom proceeds to tell me that they are out together and she knows they're up to something and that Jay lied to her and didn't keep his story straight. (she doesn't like not being in the loop). I told her it's probably something for Christmas and that if we were supposed to know, one of us would have been let in on their secret. I told her not to worry, that within the next month, we'd probably find out what they were up to.

Later that night... poor Jay has to do some quick thinking to clean up the spilled beans.

November 28 - Wednesday, I couldn't stop thinking about what had come out the night before. Did I know? Was it going to happen and how soon? While we were away? Had to rein myself in and work on not getting my hopes up.

Jay came up with a story about where he'd been with my dad and got a bunch of his friends in on the cover-up. The story was that they would get a better rate buying patio supplies if they got it for both houses at the same time. They were plotting our Christmas presents but thanks to "snooping", the surprise was now ruined. Anyone who knows me knows that ruined surprises kind of devestate me... bummed x2... I was not right about the assumption I made and now I knew what my Christmas present was going to be :(

November 29 - VEGAS BABY!! We flew out super early and landed in Disney for grown ups around lunch time. That place is crazy! We walked the strip, but only one side because they were doing some Nascar thing so it was really crowded on the other side (and I was being lazy). We went back to our hotel and took a nap before going to meet Craig and Marsha for drinks at Petrossian at the Bellagio (I recommend their infusion or bellini).

We caught up and then said our good byes so they could go home and we could go see the fountain show. {Backstory: the fountains at the Bellagio and the chocolate fountain at Jean Philippe in the Bellagio were #1 and 2 on my 'to see' list, and didn't really care what else we did while in Vegas}. To my delight, the fountains lit up and when the music came on, it was Johnny Mathis... and a Christmas song! one of my favorites!

The fountains are seriously larger than life! The way they move to the music is fantastic and no matter what you've seen on TV or in movies, there is no comparison to seeing the show in real life. IT WAS AMAZING! Jay asked me if I was having fun and if it was my best birthday. I said that it was. Then he said he just had one more question... pause.... in my head- impatience checks in... why isn't he talking? click-lightbulb goes on! this is it! When I finally turn around and look at him, he's already on one knee with the ring out (jaw drops involuntarily)

 "Eileen, will you do me the honor of spending the rest of your life with me as my wife?"

totally missing the fountains... oh well

He was smiling so big and had some fountain spray in his eyes... I said yes and hugged him then asked if he was for real. And I cried. And then Craig and Marsha came out of the bushes (or around from behind them) armed with cameras and big smiles and hugs!

After that, Jay and I (and our smiles, and my new bling) went up in the Eiffel Tower and looked out over the city, it was so beautiful. It was cold up there though, especially on my exposed teeth and gums that I just couldn't keep covered because I couldn't stop smiling. I kept joking the whole time we were away that I can't get any older since there's no way to top this birthday. It was seriously the best day!


whitest hand ever...