Wednesday, August 21, 2013

100 Days!!!!!

It's officially only 100 more days til the wedding! I cannot believe how fast the time has flown by!!!
We are getting super excited for all the upcoming events and can't wait to celebrate with our family and friends!!!
We're going to be seriously busy the next few weeks!! In the next 99 days, we have to:

1) finish our house-remodel (a monstrous undertaking in and of itself)

kitchen sneak peek and new lights in the dining and living room

2) dress fitting

3) SHOWER! :) Yay!

4) Bachelor/Bachelorette parties :) Yay!

5) Hair (Pinterest Inspiration) and make up (Pinterest Inspiration): trial by Kristen at Kouture Beauty

6) head to Florida for Aubrey's wedding!

7) Elisabeth's 4th Birthday :)

8) Finish all the wedding crafts... favors, table numbers, signs, programs, etc.

9) finalize details for Rehearsal dinner

10) RELAX! and think about Honeymoon plans... ahhhh

Cinque Terre

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Bathroom Planning Continues

A Few Requirements:

1) MUST have a larger and taller vanity. Our current vanity must have come from a doll house as it literally comes to mid-thigh on me which is awesome when I wash my hands and accidentally splash water all over myself and end up looking like I peed my pants. Awesome. There is also a lot of wasted space between the vanity and the toilet that could be utilized way better! I'm thinking a small double vanity might even be a good addition

HEMNES/ODENSVIK Sink cabinet with 2 drawers IKEA You can easily change the size of the box by moving the divider.

2) A deep, non-jacuzzi tub. I want to be able to take a bath and have both my knees and boobs under the water at the same time... tall people problems.

3) Oil Rubbed Bronze. I am obsessed.

4) A quiet vent fan and LOADS of lighting.

5) Storage.

On My Wishlist:

Beadboard ceiling... I AM IN LOVE with this look and our bathroom has a vaulted ceiling... it would just look soooo pretty!
 Donna DuFresne Design - Eclectic - Bathroom - Portland - Donna DuFresne Interior Design

I'd really love slate or wood tile - something dark on the floor and also, a dark wood vanity.

I prefer white counter tops, toilet, bathtub, and shower tile.

As far as wall-color goes, I have no idea what I want...
thinking something in the blueish-gray family, but we'll see!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Engagement Picture Preview

So we did it! Finally!! We met Steph downtown at Love Park and got some great shots there...

Blitz was not really havin' any of the "sitting-still-while-hundreds-of-people-walk-by" so we made it quick then moved onto City Hall pictures

 Jay does a lot of work in City Hall, and he actually wanted to get some wedding pictures on Broad Street but we knew there would be no time for that on our wedding day so engagement shots were the next best thing

We are also members of the Galway Society of Philadelphia and  involved with the Philadelphia Irish community so getting pictures at the Irish Memorial was very sentimental for us.

My Grandfather is the President Emeritus of the Irish Memorial and was a key player in it's development and installation. We are so proud of my family's involvement in this project, so it was really special to me to get to take some shots here.

There are also a lot of great spots around Penn's Landing where the Irish Memorial is located for other pictures. I love how Steph was able to get some pictures that make it seem like we weren't in the city at all.

Dress: Eight Sixty Stripe Maxi Dress (purchased here)
Neon Ombre Wrap: Old Navy (hurry! it's on sale!)
Necklace #1: Tiffany Filigree Heart with Key
Necklace #2: T.J. Maxx (similar here)
Silver Flip-Flops: Simply Vera at Kohl's (similar here)
Yellow heels: Joyfolie (my favorite boots are from here too!)
Nail Polish: Essie Mod Square

For more images of the day, check out the Saltwater Studios Blog post :) The BIGGEST THANK YOU ever to Steph for capturing so many amazing photos! We absolutely loved working with you and are looking forward to the wedding even more now!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Engagement Pictures

We are so looking forward to seeing Steph from Saltwater this weekend for our engagement pictures! I've gotta say that I've been a little nervous about what we're going to wear. I thought making some mood boards would help me decide. We also had to choose where we would want to have the pictures done...

Jay made it very clear from the get-go that he wanted pictures in front of City Hall. If not a little cliche, he at least does a lot of work here and I'm so proud of all he's accomplished in his career. If this makes him happy, than it makes me happy. It doesn't hurt that pictures on Broad Street always turn out awesome.

Oh, and yes... Blitz will be making a guest appearance in some of our photos :)

The best part about these outfits is that we already own all these goods, and maybe have had some of them for over 10 years... a la Gap Jean Jacket (similar here).

For me: white dress (similar here, here, and here), engagement ring, Tiffany Necklace and Bracelet (both Christmas gifts from Jay), knuckle ring, Joyfolie shoes.

For him: Polo shirt and patchwork plaid pants (Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet last summer and unfortunately, ebay is the only place I can find them), Men's Black Invicta Watch- we actually found at Costco on a random grocery trek but they don't have the same one anymore (similar here), Shoes (Sperry Topsiders - Nordstrom Rack).

We're also planning on getting some of our pictures done at Penn's Landing by the Irish Memorial or around Independence Hall (we haven't quite made that decision yet, but I'm we're leaning towards Penn's Landing).

I'm completely loving the idea of an outfit swap and change of scenery so that when we have pictures from this session all over our house, it won't be like seeing the same one over and over again.

We're planning a Penn State inspired picnic for this shoot, since we both went there and it holds a very special place in our hearts. We Are :)

For me: jewelry (same as above), hat, dress, shoes (Marshall's, similar here)

For him: Shirt, Jeans (Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet), Shoes (Sperry Topsiders - Nordstrom Rack)

Fun stuff: PSU Blanket, Blue & White Striped straws, Football tug toy (Petsmart).

Don't worry, there will be mason jars filled with fun snacks for our picnic and maybe a growler of our favorite beer.