Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Engagement Picture Preview

So we did it! Finally!! We met Steph downtown at Love Park and got some great shots there...

Blitz was not really havin' any of the "sitting-still-while-hundreds-of-people-walk-by" so we made it quick then moved onto City Hall pictures

 Jay does a lot of work in City Hall, and he actually wanted to get some wedding pictures on Broad Street but we knew there would be no time for that on our wedding day so engagement shots were the next best thing

We are also members of the Galway Society of Philadelphia and  involved with the Philadelphia Irish community so getting pictures at the Irish Memorial was very sentimental for us.

My Grandfather is the President Emeritus of the Irish Memorial and was a key player in it's development and installation. We are so proud of my family's involvement in this project, so it was really special to me to get to take some shots here.

There are also a lot of great spots around Penn's Landing where the Irish Memorial is located for other pictures. I love how Steph was able to get some pictures that make it seem like we weren't in the city at all.

Dress: Eight Sixty Stripe Maxi Dress (purchased here)
Neon Ombre Wrap: Old Navy (hurry! it's on sale!)
Necklace #1: Tiffany Filigree Heart with Key
Necklace #2: T.J. Maxx (similar here)
Silver Flip-Flops: Simply Vera at Kohl's (similar here)
Yellow heels: Joyfolie (my favorite boots are from here too!)
Nail Polish: Essie Mod Square

For more images of the day, check out the Saltwater Studios Blog post :) The BIGGEST THANK YOU ever to Steph for capturing so many amazing photos! We absolutely loved working with you and are looking forward to the wedding even more now!