Saturday, July 6, 2013

Flower Girl Flower Wand

After months of stalking Pinterest and pinning my little heart out I decided a flower wand was the best idea for Elisabeth. I found some great inspiration and then headed to Michael's armed with 40% coupons.

To make a flower wand you'll need:
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Silk flowers (at least 4 flower heads)
Wire cutters or really good scissors
Wire or wicker wand (optional)
White spray paint
Ribbon (2 rolls)

I loved this wand I saw on pinterest so much. I search and searched and finally found it on eBay and ordered it from the UK. It arrived surprisingly fast and shipping wasn't terrible. You could totally make your own though if you're feeling crafty. Just need some wire, glitter, and beads. You can also skip the wand completely and just use a more sturdy flower stem as your base.

First, snip each flower from the bunch and clean up the stems (see below). Arrange the flowers around the wand until you like the way they're laid out, then start your gluing. Start with your biggest flowers first (I used ranaculous and roses)

*clip all stems so they are smooth under the ribbon wrap*

Make sure you glue the whole stem from where you clipped all the way up to about an inch from the flower head/bud so that you can still adjust the flowers a bit once they're all glued in place. Once all your larger flowers are in place, you can fill in with smaller buds or flowers (hydrangeas). Keep adding flowers and leafy bits until you're happy with the arrangement.

glue the stem of each flower to the wand

Glue all your stems to the wand to secure them. Try to keep your glue from getting too clumpy in spots but it doesn't have to look perfect since you'll be covering it with ribbon.

see, not very pretty....
Take your wand outside and spray paint the handle/stem (if you're using lace ribbon like I did and don't want the green to show through- you can skip this step if you want a more rustic look or if you have solid ribbon or if you just like it that way)  I also thought about glittering after spraying but I thought that might bother my niece's hands when she's holding it.

I just used spray primer because I already had it at my house

While you're waiting for your handle to dry, you can add glitter to petal edges or spray glue and glitter whole flowers. Go crazy! It's for a little girl after all :) customize however you'd like.

When the handle is dry put a dab of hot glue at the bottom of the handle and stick the end of ribbon to it. I folded mine around the bottom so it would cover the stem completely then started wrapping up toward the top overlapping as I went. Once I got up to the flowers I wrapped the ribbon around the top and glued it down.

Then you cut ribbon to all different lengths and tie bows or leave long streamers. Again, feel free to go as  crazy here as you want. These wands look great with just 1 bow where the ends are left long or you can tie multiple like I did and have the ends hang down all over. Just make sure you double knot your bows or put a dab of glue to hold them in place... these wands are going to be man-handled by crazy little kids... who may or may not use them as weapons against unsuspecting ring bearers... you want to make them as secure as possible.

Viola!! You have a gorgeous flower wand for your precious little flower girl to carry for your wedding and to keep as a little gift for dress up  after your big day is over!