Saturday, December 7, 2013

Peeking in the Windows

Although, this was one of the last projects I worked on for the wedding and I felt like I totally half-assed it because I waited so long to start it, it is really one of my favorites!

I absolutely could not be happier with the way it turned out. The window were a gift from my brother and sister-in-law. Thankfully, they just put all new windows in their home and were looking to unload these out of their basement (too bad I don't have 30 more weddings to plan because that's how many more windows they need to unload!)

I picked them up from my brother's on a rainy day which really helped rinse off the soapy water I cleaned them with. I did a quick once-over because these babies were practically falling apart on me - the lead paint was so chippy and disintegrated before my very eyes so I had to be really careful while wiping them down. Then I just windexed the glass and called it good.

Next, I printed table assignments on linen paper (upcylced letter-head from when we had a name change at work... it was going to get trashed! I couldn't have that) and used a Martha Stewart craft punch to make the corners look prettier. Then I taped them to the back of the glass.

Because I didn't like that you could still kind of see the tape on the glass, I decided to put a layer of (wrapping) paper in each pain of glass.

We had 3 windows with 8 panes each (a total of 24 panes) and only 23 tables, so there was a left over space where I hung a glitter glass 'D' with sparkly ribbon and lined with gold stag wrapping paper.

This was by far my favorite project for the wedding. Everything turned out wayyy better than I was expecting and I loved the way it looked in the entrance of our reception.

Thanks Jenn and Gary for the great additions to our decor :) I can't wait to doctor these bad boys up a little more and use them for gallery frames in our stairwell.