Sunday, December 1, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!

Fewer things in life get me more excited than Christmas, and one of my very favorite things about the holiday is decorating the tree (or 2, or 3)! Since we're a little low on time for the tree, I've done a little prowling and come across a bunch of really cute evergreens that make me semi-ok with the fact that we may only get a tree up this year for a week or 2.

LIAMARIA Wall decoration IKEA The wall decoration glows when the room is completely dark.
Ikea Liamaria

 This is great, you can add a tree to every room! They also have super cute fabric that matches this tree! You know if I had time, I'd be making duvet covers for every room out of that shit!

SpearmintLove Eco Forest Baby Blanket
SpearmintLove Eco Forest Baby Blanket

 Speaking of blankets for every room... how bout this adorable baby blanket!? I don't have a baby, but that won't stop me from draping this over the couch, or the end of my bed. I just love it! Add a red striped pillow and it's all set!

HerJoyfulStudio Christmas Tree Felt Garland

I'm a sucker for garland... if you can drape it, I want it. Plain and simple! I love mixing multiple garlands together. I like buying them. I love making them... and this one... it's super cute and like nothing I've seen before! Need it.

Green Mercury Glass Trees
Pottery Barn Green Mercury Glass Trees
Mercury Glass + Christmas Trees = enough said.