Friday, March 28, 2014

Designing a room for the grandkids Part 3...

The madness continues.

After looking at the last design, 50 million times... I've decided to change my mind... because that's what I do...

We're sticking with the same essentials - White bed, white desk and white book shelves... so other than the purple hardware, I've got a pretty blank canvas...

So I was thinking... this might be a room for the kid(s) when they sleep over, but my mom and dad still have to look at it the rest of the time and maybe... just maybe... that purple-lime combo was a bit too much... I still haven't decided but I'm going to try to give them more options (since it is their house and all... knowing all the while that my dad couldn't care less and is probably wondering why he's going to paint this room... yet again).

So onto a more sophisticated grand-kid room... we'll keep the Behr New Violet color because it's super pretty and my mom's pretty set on purple walls.

I am absolutely in love with these pulls from Anthropologie but they are pricey and given that I would need aproximately 7 billion for all the drawers on this furniture, I'll keep dreaming
Also OBSESSED with the Giraffe bust (also from Antrho). It keeps the room from getting too grown up

The bedding, curtains (print, solid), small baskets (which will work perfectly in corralling stray crayons and markers on the desk) and chair are all from Ikea. I'm thinking that the chair could definitely use a coat of gold spray paint to make it blend better with the drawer knobs that I'll never buy. But a few brass frames (sunshinewhole heart) from Sugarboo & Co.  will not only look so so sweet with pictures of the grandkid(s) on the bookshelves... they will look so much better if the chair is gold (not silver) and white.

I'm totally digging the global feel of this design and I love love love the map canvas and a few of these woven baskets (from Target) tie it all together. The baskets would look great lined up on the bottom of the bookshelves and will be perfect for hiding toys from plain sight (which I'm sure will make Gingin a very happy grandmother).

Another thing that will really make Gingin happy - a rules sign - especially a rules sign that starts with "no whining"! This may very well be my favorite thing in the long line amazingness that is Sugarboo & Co. and I'm pretty sure it was created just for my parents' house (the only way it could be more perfect is if it stopped at frowning, teehee).

We'll just call this one "Budget Blown" but it's so pretty so I don't care...

Bedding: $24.99 (x2)
Curtains: $24.99 (x2), $9.99 (x2)
Baskets: $5.99 (x3), 27.98 (x3)
Wall Decor:$59.99, $36.50, $48

Frames: $36 (x2... for now)
Chair: $19.99
Total: $458.33
oops... that doesn't even include sheets, decorative pillows or paint, so a conservative addition there will be another $150 or so...  But still not bad to have the whole room done for under $600 (just twice as much as the earlier design... nbd)