Tuesday, April 9, 2013

B-E-A-You-tiful day

Finally got to welcome some gorgeous spring weather in the North East corridor! (about damn time!)

This past week made it official! The first days we didn't have to warm up our cars and debate whether or not we would need our winter coats. It has been GLORIOUS!

Friday night, Jay went to the Home Opener so I was left to my own devices... which went from cleaning/painting to Happy Hour on the deck with Abby which then turned into girl's night at her house watching This is 40. If you haven't seen it, you should, it's hysterical! 3 bottles of wine, a pizza, an order of wings and some Morgan City Fries later... we were full and drunk and put ourselves to bed! Thank god for fun neighbors!!!

The last few days have been jam-packed with Spring fun! Saturday we went to our friends beer-n-bowling baby shower (Jay can no longer complain about co-ed showers, and as a matter of fact, all our friends are rallying to make sure that all baby showers from here on out are done this way!) I ran with my sister both days this weekend at our favorite park and even my 3 year old niece rocked a whole mile! WE COULDN'T BELIEVE HER! She is such a tough little chick and funny... she killed us with her cute lines:

"Momma, will we have time to play over there [on the playground] when we're finished exercising?"
"I'm allergic to flowers, when the air gets up my nose I have to sneeze the allergies out"
"ya know, momma, strollers are for babies, but big girls can run pretty fast. I'm a big girl"
"I don't think you knew that when I'm in the stroller, it makes my energy get really low"
and my favorite - "Aunt Leenie, we're so speedy! Running is great exercise, we're gettin' so healthy"

Ummm... can I tell you how much I love this freaking kid!?!?!?!?!

My honey and I went to see the Phillies play the Mets last night and were gravely disappointed. Fortunately, Citizens Bank Park is among the best beer-stadiums that exist in the and we got to sample a few craft brews while taking in the game.

We also got some amazing sausage, peppers & onions (of course I added mustard and sauerkraut to mine... It's not weird. It's AMAZING!!!)

After that, his best friend/man (one of them) and I took a little adventure to seek out helmet's filled with soft serve ice cream and jimmies (I believe you guys outside our little bubble call them sprinkles) we were quickly convinced that everything tastes better out of a Phillies helmet. It's true. (clearly... since I didn't take a picture of it til it was half gone and melty... and you still wish you had some too!)

Today is another absolutely too-good-for-work day! Counting the minutes to escape and go get our grill on... that last hour was a doooooooozy!