Wednesday, April 24, 2013


So we all know I'm a blog-stalker. I follow a ton of sweet ladies and their daily posts because they are super down-to-earth, fashionable and mostly because they're full of GREAT ideas on which I just can't wait to put my own twist.

Steph, my-fave-photographer-ever-of-all-time, over at Saltwater Studios posted this awesome little idea the other day on her blog and I was so excited that she did because I NEVER would have thought of it on my own :)

I'm new to android/iPhones for my own personal use (had my good ole blackberry up til last week) and I've gotta say, the first app I downloaded was Instagram. I'm so hooked! I loveeee it!


So I went ahead today and added this page to our wedding website ;) I thought that Steph was a genius for posting her hashtag early on in her engagement! What a great move so that all your friends can use it for all the events surrounding the wedding.

We're planning on an engagement/housewarming/beerolympics party as soon as our house is cleaned up and ready for company and then there's the shower and bachelor/ette parites (although maybe some of those pictures should NOT be shared) and the rehearsal and the wedding itself! I am soooo pumped that everyone will be able to tag their pictures and share with all of us :)

(the soon-to-be)#mrandmrsdonoghue