Thursday, February 13, 2014

Non-Valentine's Day

I first have to start out by wishing my beautiful sister a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  She was my first friend and the reason that I love to celebrate this day so much! We never had to worry about being alone on the day of love because we always got to spend it together doing fun things to celebrate our love as sisters and with our family.

Growing up, my mom never missed an opportunity to decorate for holidays and would DECK OUT our house in all things festive for the entire month leading up to them. She would bake goodies for us to match the holidays and always made sure that we had time to celebrate as a family. It was so fun making crafts and goodies to commemorate the seasons.

As we got older, there was undue pressure on us to find boyfriends to celebrate our "love" with (and you know... in high school when your boyfriend would conveniently break up with you so he didn't have to buy you anything for Valentine's day... so you were alone anyway). We never had that, it was always just her birthday and a reason to decorate with hearts galore! We would go watch chick flicks or shop or get dinner... anything to make it about her special day and not about Valentine's day and I cherish every memory we share from these days!

So, since tomorrow is your birthday, I wanted to be the first to say (as it was so eloquently put at your 16th birthday surprise party)...

 SHIEEEEEEELA! Happy Beeeeeeee-Day!!!! 

(in my most high-pitched and flamboyant voice possible)