Monday, January 7, 2013


So I failed to mention in my previous posts that Shiela (and Elisabeth) and I did some serious venue-stalking last weekend (12/29).

We had spent that Saturday at the Expo then went shopping for supplies for wedding crafts for Shiela's friend Beth, who is getting married in April. On the way home, we just happened to be driving past the William Penn Inn.


Back story - I've driven past this place thousands of times in my life. I have never once, not ever, stepped foot inside the building. It is absolutely beautiful all year round, but especially at Christmas when they have extra light outside on all the bushes and in greens and in wreaths.


The place is just magnificent! I love it so much. Which is crazy to say since I've never been inside, let alone eaten the food.

So needless to say on Saturday night while we were on our way home, my sister pulled into the banquet entrance and told me to go inside to take a peek. She wanted me to see it in all it's Christmas-decorated-glory. I am soooooooo glad I did because when I walked in, I saw the banquet room swagged with beautiful greens glittering with gold and ivory accents.  I am not exaggerating when I say that it took my breath away. The woman who was working in the coat check, and so graciously let me go in and look around found me staring at the decorations like a small child.

I could tell by the way she vividly explained the layout of the room and how things would look different for a wedding that she too was in love with this place. That speaks volumes to me as I was a coat-check girl, a hostess, a waitress, and a bartender at one time or another in my life and I know how easy it is to lose the awe factor when you work somewhere.

I was pretty-much sold on a Christmas wedding right then and there.