Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Hearts

I've been DYING to post all the adorable heart goodies I've found here and there for Valentine's Day! In all fairness, I had to wait to get my tree down before I could do anything for the next holiday... I'm on overdrive, you know... because a little part of me thinks that I go crazy for the next few holidays, it will make up for all those ones I missed (I may or may not have been on depression watch every time a holiday/season passed and I didn't get to deck my halls for it. I even told Jay that a little piece of me died every time it happened).

So since Valentine's Day is officially 1 month away, it's time to start preparing to deck out our house, and ourselves, with hearts galore!!

SaSea Decor on Etsy - Mini Olive You (boy, girl), XOXO sweatshirt, Olive You (mommy)
American Eagle - Scarf, Nothing But Love, Love, Socks

I am so excited to get to wear all my red (that I justified over-purchasing in December) all month long! Mixing in a few of the shirts above on the weekends leading up to and including Valentine's Day!!