Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Day = Dayload

What I learned on Facebook and Instagram today:

Snow Days = Dayloads

With Bombogenesis pounding at our door, I can't help but notice that it seems everyone is home getting wasted. (except *some* parents with children home from school, as my best friend pointed out to me).

Pictures of wine glasses by frosted windows, snowbanks filled with beer bottles, and even margarita snow cones have filled my feeds today... which was awesome to see while I was sitting in 2 hours of traffic trying to get home from never actually making it to work... So without further adieu, mine and Jay's recipes for snow day beverages!

He drinks:

Chai Tea Latte with a heaping pour of Jim Beam Red Stag Cider

She drinks:

Iced coffee (or hot, depending on if your coffee is fresh... mine was still in the pot from this morning before I left for work, so I added ice) with a splash of Caramel Vanilla Creamer, Baileys, and whipped cream vodka

Now go get in your comfiest sweats, make yourself a glass, light a fire, and relax... or invite friends over to snow-day-it with you and drink beers and limoncello out of snow piles on your deck while you play the greatest game ever invented.

In other news... we desperately need a bar/barcart for all this liquor that has taken up residence on my kitchen counters. 1) we look like alcoholics, 2) we have such little counter-space as it is, I can't be sacrificing it to the booze, 3) you can't see it, but my red wine is literally laying sideways in a box on top of our wine fridge because I can't decide on a wine rack. Hot mess express. I've got a ticket to ride...