Friday, January 17, 2014

Valentine's Day Decor

I've slowly been adding a few heart shaped goods to our house as I've spotted them in and around my favorite stores.  Thankfully, T.J. Maxx and Homegoods haven't quite made the switch from Christmas to Valentine's Day, yet.

One of my husband's coaching buddies totally called me out on having multiple season/holiday decorations up at the same time. In his defense, he was right...

I've had our "D" fall wreath hanging on the powder room door since I made it back in October.

Our Christmas tree is still up, but completely naked and all our ornaments and decorations are piled onto a beer pong table in our dining room (we're classy like that).

I hung the new "love you so much" felt garland that I scored at Target (for just $3.99!) over the weekend from our mantle along with my old stand-by red felt ball garland. Don't you just love when decorations can be used for multiple holidays/seasons!?

In my defense, the ornaments are off of the g-d-tree but I've had a hell of a time finding ornament storage dividers for our bins and I'd really like to get them to make decorating and storing our goods easier. I've also had this terrible cough/cold/sinus/allergic reaction/who knows what since Christmas night so I haven't felt the best. We're also still up to our eyeballs in redoing our house and my sweet husband has been out almost every night either at work, coaching wrestling, running our township (literally), or at the hospital visiting his friend who's been super sick so it's been just me and the dog... and Blitz, well he's not exactly a help.

Ah... but you know what they say about excuses...

So this weekend, I'll be cleaning and storing and decorating. AND SLEEPING... A LOT. So we'll see how things go...There are may still be wedding remnants strewn throughout our downstairs but fortunately for me... some of those pretty red and glittery goodies can be left up for Valentine's Day!