Monday, June 9, 2014

Recipe: Summer Steak and Salad

Since I started working out, I have been craving steak like nobody's business!
Thankfully, my totally awesome husband is fully aware of this and pulled some out of the freezer when he got home today to thaw (Brag alert!). I was starving when
I got in the door so this is a thrown together recipe which just happened to be one I'd like to be able to repeat (ask Jay and he'll tell ya I never make quite the same dinner twice).

I didn't take step by step pictures because I'm just not that good but it was super easy to prep...

2 steaks... beat to hell with a meat tenderizer so they're flat enough to roll. (you could probably make the veggies stretch for 4 steaks, increasing where need be and throwing the extra in around them)
2 tomatoes (chopped)
1red pepper (chopped)
Handful of spinach (chopped)
2ish ounces of cheese (flavor of the day is horseradish Cheddar, but any cheese you like could work)
Onion (diced fresh or dry flakes)

Lay flattened steaks out and season with salt and pepper (add garlic, Italian or steak seasoning if you so choose). Layer cheese, peppers, and spinach inside then roll up and secure end with toothpicks.
Splash a teeny bit of olive oil in a small baking dish then place steaks. Surround with tomatoes and any remaining pepper (I had 1/2 pepper left after rolling). Sprinkle with salt pepper and onion then bake at 350° until the steak is done to your liking.

While the steaks cook, throw the salad together...

1 tomato (chopped)
1 cucumber (chopped)
1-2 handfuls of spinach (chopped)
6-10 Basil leaves (chopped)
2ish ounces of cheese (chopped or shredded)
Stir all ingredients together and season with salt, pepper, and if you're feeling crazy, squirt a little lemon juice on top. Yum!