Sunday, June 1, 2014

#____girlproblems... indecisiveness

If you've been following along, you know our house has been "under construction" for a little over a year now. It's been a rough year as we are doing more to the house than we had originally planned, doing everything but taking it down to the studs, which in some spots... we have... and in other spots we should have... there's not a single square corner in any of our rooms and we've had to cheat our way through big time! Things we thought we wouldn't get to for a few years have all been started (and some completed) since and we've been living in what I call the construction-storage unit. 

In this same year: we've planned a wedding and got married, my honey ran a campaign and got elected, he also went out on his own and started a law firm... all the while our poor house has been torn apart and slowly put back together.

I am so happy now, as I watch the projects that we've been working on forever finally coming together! You would think, that with all this time on my hands, I'd already have decisions made on how to decorate...
Truth is: I don't.

First, I have to defend myself because I had no trouble deciding on oil rubbed bronze, the hardware, faucets, etc. I knew I wanted this light before I picked anything else for the bathroom. I knew I wanted a taller vanity that was wider than our old one (which only came to about 6 inches above my knees) with lots of storage. I knew I wanted white subway tile. I dreamed of a bright white bead board ceiling with pretty moulding.

I waffled a bit on the floor tile. Originally, we wanted slate (way too expensive for our not-forever house). Then I really loved the wood plank tiles, but I couldn't decide on a finish (dark, light, gray, weathered? too many choices). Then we couldn't agree on a pattern, I wanted herringbone and Jay did not. Then we couldn't decided if the "wood tile" was too trendy and if we should do something more traditional. Back to slate "look"... finally, we settled on th Aspen Sunset glazed porcelain, and I love it! It pulls so many colors that we we could have painted our bathroom green, tan, blue, rust, gray... practically any color swatch we laid next to it looked nice. You would think that would make it hard for us to choose, but Jay knew exactly what he wanted as soon as he looked at the swatches I brought home. (I waffled again... going back and forth between gray-blue or gray-brown... I really liked this MS thunderhead, but love the color we went with, perhaps that color would work in the kitchen though).

Now, the bathroom is *almost* done and I cannot decide on a shower curtain or artwork or accent towels/baskets etc.

I love this rugby striped shower curtain and the fun pops of yellow in the rug and towels for the summer.

 But then.... I think this is so "us" and it's hard to resist this clean and classic blue-gray-white combo.

Ugh... I suck at this game.

The curtain rings are from Bed Bath and Beyond.
Our towels are from Pottery Barn and they are seriously the BEST! They are super soft and wash well, I also love white because they can be bleached, which makes me feel like they are super-clean.
Last, I got a similar trash can at Marshall's for $9.99... it's the same shape as this one but has a broken zig zag design around the top.
Shower curtains and rugs pictured are all from West Elm.