Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Favorites - Dress Obsessed

The one thing I hate is spending money on "work clothes". I can be running around like a mad woman or folded up at my desk, my work day is unpredictable like that so I want to look cute but feel comfy. I also like clothes that can pull double duty so I don't come right home and change, which is hard on the laundry lady (aka, me) and I almost never buy/wear things that need to be ironed or dry cleaned.
Ain't nobody got time for that! 
So when I find something I love, and it actually fits (I'm tall so sometimes dresses look like shirts on me), I go a bit overboard. Enter Gap and Old Navy. I've been a long time fan but when I was younger, I didn't mind dresses and skirts being short... but times have changed and mini-skirts just don't always work. Almost all of their clothes come in petite, regular, and tall... which makes this girl SO happy.  Vast selection and no hoo-ha flashing! YAY!!

I got a bunch of Gap dresses around this time last year and they have easily become the most-worn items in my closet. I cycle through them for work and although they have held up great. There's one bright pink sweatshirt dress that is my favorite... which I wasn't expecting at all. I get tons of complements on it and it's so ridiculously comfy. I wear it with my coach slip-on sneakers, flip flops, over leggings... it's super versatile and did I say comfy? It is the best! Of course, it's the one dress I didn't get in multiple colors.

The good news is that gap has a bunch of great dresses that fit the bill this season too! And they're on sale!

via Gap

I got this one in 2 colors...

via Gap
and this x 2 as well...

via Gap

and definitely got this one in both colors... it can double as a cover up, duh!

via Gap
the only reason I didn't get these striped dresses in both colors is because they were sold out of my size...

via Old Navy

So I went a little crazy... but the last thing I want is to feel like I do with my pink dress... wishing I would have bought it in every color.

However, I subscribe to the Jessica Garvin "Cost Per Use" Philosophy.
Consider this shopping spree justified.