Tuesday, May 20, 2014

'Tis the Season... Red, White, and Blue

You know I love a good (and super easy) festive addition to any weekend... I especially love Memorial Day as it serves as the kick off to summer... which now seems to be friend-season. 

We're all so busy with work, family, kids, life, that I welcome this time of year with open arms. It's like everyone just has a little less on their plates and more time to get together... that and it's not frigid outside so you actually don't mind leaving your house.

These patriotic fruit skewers are perfect for BBQs on Memorial Day and 4th of July. #funfood #patriotic #FoodSaver
Via Pinterest
This couldn't be any easier and is super cute for breakfast, or stood up in a galvanized bucket for a festive flag display.

Of course, if I can swing it, I will be making Jessica Garvin's delicious Red Velvet Pancakes... They are just too good! Sidebar - I love how I can make them for just about any holiday, just by switching up the fruit -and- I'll be honest for a minute... she is the queen of festive made "easy"! She has sooo many inexpensive, easy ideas for every holiday.

Besides spending some much needed time with our family and friends this weekend, I also have big plans for tackling our gardens (and eliminating some of the poison ivy/sumac that has come creeping along our creek bank)

pretty composition of flowers in pots
via Pinterest

I'm thinking some pretty red, white, and blue (or purple) flowers may be just the ticket.

If you need some more festive ideas, check out my Patriotic board on Pinterest :)