Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Favorites

Ah, Friday! FINALLY!!!
I have to admit, this was one crazy week and it did FLY by but I'm always so happy when the weekend rolls around, even if it is a super rainy, yucky day.

Days like today I'm happy for warm (if not totally crappy) weather so that I can wear sandals to work. No worries about squishy shoes around the office. Days like this are even better when you have NEW shoes to wear. Target has these babies on sale for 20% off!
OPI Unfor-Grreta-bly Blue, T-Shirt Maxi (Old Navy - last summer)
similar here

Is it ok to put "finished projects" on my favorites list? I'm going to anyways!! We finished our bathroom renovation this week and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER with the final results! (big reveal coming next week after I really finish... you know, shower curtain, towels, decorations)

sneak peek!

Spending the day with the world's most awesome kiddos! Tomorrow is West Norriton Day and I'm totally looking forward to spending the afternoon with our nieces and nephew! Moon bounces, pony rides, face painting... I'm all over that shit!

Our Wedding Video... I can't get enough! Thank you Saltwater Studios for your amazing amazing work! I watch, and re-watch the video and look at all the pictures over and over again... all the time... I just love it.