Thursday, May 22, 2014

Should have been a Teacher...

Without fail, when Memorial Day weekend rolls around, I always find myself longing for Summer Vacation.

I start to kick myself and think, "I should have been a teacher!" 
Don't get me wrong, they have it tough and I give major kudos to all those dear souls cut out for the job. Really, the only reason I ever think I'd try to hack it is when I start to see my friends posting on Facebook about gallivanting around town at Christmas time, beach pictures from some amazing spring break,  and general fun all summer long while I'm sitting in my no-window-having cramped office.

Ah... some day. For now, I am going to just enjoy my 4-day weekend and keep dreaming of summers off...

And with that, I need a cocktail...
Citrus Paradise

How yummy does this look!?! I cannot wait to hit our local farmers market tomorrow and pick up some juicy strawberries (may need more than I thought now that I've come across this recipe) and a carful of other fresh goodies!

Looks like I'll also be stopping by the liquor store... and boy am I gonna need it after a fun morning at the social security office... Jay's going to divorce me if I don't get my name changed (especially since next week we will hit the 6 month mark! holy crap! where does the time go!?!?!)