Tuesday, May 13, 2014

DIY Spring Green Wreath

I've been on the hunt for a wreath for our front door for Spring/Summer.
I love the preserved boxwood wreath but our front door has southern exposure and gets direct sunlight all day which is brutal on my wreathes... it's been known to melt hot glue and kill live wreathes in a day... so I can't justify spending that much money right now.

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 West Elm
West Elm

  To be honest, though... I kind of have a thing for making my own so that I can create exactly what I want. I also really like the feeling I get when I walk up my front stairs and get to admire my handy work as I unlock the door... and no, my elbow isn't getting sore from patting myself on the back... at least not yet...

So off to the craft store I went. I hit Joann on my lunch break and picked up this wreath form and these 6ft boxwood garland.

I started by pulling each piece off the strip of garland then wrapping wire through the little hole. I probably could have just wired the whole garland to the wreath but I'm anal so I didn't....
ooh look at my chippy polish. yikes!


Once all the pieces were ready, I started wiring them to the wreath form. I started with the middle but if I could do it over, I'd have started on the inside and worked my way out.

I ran out of greens so I need to make my way back to Joann and get one more string of garland but this is what it looks like for now. A little on the wild side compared to the other boxwood wreathes but I kind of love that.
 I haven't decided if I want to add a bow or anything to it yet, and I'm thinking about swapping out my current wreath hanger for this black one so that it matches our oil rubbed bronze hardware better.

Finally,  I REALLY love having apps on my phone to keep track of all my favorite stores... and I never have to worry whether I remembered to grab the coupon off the printer/counter/desk (or where it got buried in my purse) because it's right on my phone. I saved 40% just by opening up the app while I was browsing.