Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tux Time

Jay and I took a little trip to Men's Warehouse last weekend to pick out the tuxes for himself and the boys.

Nothing too fancy - just their new Black by Vera Wang tuxes that are slightly James Bond-esque. We went for classic black with a straight tie (bow ties often times look crooked, that drives me nuts!) We also went with an ivory shirt because my dress is ivory - the great people at Men's Warehouse were soooo accommodating, they even let me high jack both shirts and take them across the shopping center to David's Bridal so I could compare them to my dress (yea, my sanity needed me to have that crazy moment)

The vest and tie that Jay will wear is a matte black with no pattern and the guys are wearing a shinier herringbone pattern vest and tonal stripe tie. We're happy with the choice. We thought about going with gray vests for the guys but nothing seemed right, I felt like all the vests were too Ken Doll silvery - so we revamped and did everyone in black. Jay won't stand out as much, but we figured that everyone will know he's the groom. Funny how that works, right?