Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Engagement Pictures... props and name change

The entire month of June is completely booked up for us! I can't even believe summer's already here and I'm afraid I'll blink my eyes and it'll be time for Engagement Session with Steph!

I've been fussing over what to wear since we booked Saltwater Studios and decided to get the engagement pictures... it's amazing how crazy I've been over something so silly but I figure, they're the pictures that will be in the guest book and hanging in our house along with the wedding photos and I want them to be super- cute.

I finally got it together and ordered some goods for the pictures. A couple dresses and this adorable hat.

I first spotted that baby over on Makenna Bleu's blog for her engagement session and I totally had to steal the idea. She's the cutest! Then I saw it on The Jackson Five Blog and it just sealed the deal...

It's ordered... with my New Monogram... EDT and should be here sometime in the next 2 weeks. AWESOMESAUCE! I can't wait :)

On the topic of monograms... I've heard mixed things about keeping your middle name vs. maiden name when you get married. Since Jay didn't go for taking my last name, I was a bit torn on what to do for the new monicker. Keep my last name? Short and sweet... or keep my middle name, which just flows so well with the rest of my names? It was a tough decision... I practiced writing it out, I like writing B's better than T's... Jay called me out on my crazy when I told him what I was doing... but I love the sound of Eileen Theresa so I decided to keep my middle name and change my last name. Who knows if I did the right thing, but I'm happy with it so who cares, right?

I cannot wait til my new hat arrives!!!!