Sunday, September 15, 2013

When Wedding plans and Bridal Showers collide!

Today was a whirlwind of a day to say the very least!

This morning we had an appointment at the William Penn Inn to finalize all our reception plans and choices. It was nerve wracking and exciting all at the same time since it made me feel like things were really starting to finally come together. It was a big morning full of a lot of decisions.

one - two - three

We were 100% sure about the flavor, which we are SUPER DUPER excited about! Then there was the little glitch where I spaced out prior to our meeting and completely forgot to chose a cake design... and Lord knows I was going in 100 million directions. When the coordinator asked me, I basically played eenie meenie... and gave him the 3 cakes above.

We have a silver cake stand like the middle picture and I love the whippy (not a word? what!?) icing. I also am semi-obsessed with having the top tier elevated on its own little pedestal.

Antique Silver Beaded Small Cake Stand

I actually bought a cake stand similar to this little guy at Homegoods on a whim and it seems to work with the silver base stand. Hopefully it all looks as good in real life as it does in my head.

We picked out the rest of the food with relative ease since we had gone through the package and highlighted our favorite things and the dessert buffet choices were pretty simple too since anything with strawberries were out (my uncle is super allergic so we just removed the risk completely) and we had tried a bunch of really great ones at our tasting and the billion brunches we've been to there since we chose it for our wedding.

The beer selection, of course, was not as easy... you know, because in our family, Bud and Heineken just WILL NOT do. So after a few more adjustments, we were happy with that too.

We left starving because our brunch plans were quashed since I we took so long in the meeting, and we had to get home to get ready to go to my Poppop's 80th birthday party. Who has a party at 1pm on a Sunday.... no one in my family... like ever... THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MY FIRST CLUE!

After stopping at Wawa for some coffee and breakfast to go, we ran home, got changed and headed to my parents house. There were a TON of cars parked up and down my street and I thought, "wow, there are a lot of people here for Poppop" but then again, we have a giant family so I didn't really question it... even when I noticed the exact same car as Jay's mother drives parked across the street, I thought "hmm... I haven't seen another one that color"

The last thing that was a dead giveaway was the pink glitter ribbon tied around a pot on my parents' front walk. I laughed and even said to Jay as I pointed at it, "I guess Elisabeth is here." It wasn't until I got to the porch as saw the Vegas style big pink "Welcome to Eileen's Fabulous Shower" that  I realized those sneaky bastards had pulled one over on me.

As I walked inside I looked straight at my very-pregnant-best-friend and told her "you're supposed to be at work!" before I hugged her.

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