Friday, September 20, 2013

Wedding Practice

Google always comes in handy when trying to be crafty and clever at the same time. I simply googled "rehearsal dinner invitation wording" and this popped up in one of the first results. So cute, whimsical and fun for the pre-wedding day!

I was having trouble narrowing my ideas for the wedding decor, (which is evident on my pinterest) especially since we changed directions so completely from our original outdoor-rustic plan. Just when I was feeling down that my love of chalkboards, plaid, and beat up old wood were going to be sidelined, I remembered the Rehearsal Dinner.

The team over at One Fab Day really struck my Inspiration nerve with their beautifully perfect Christmas Wedding set up.  I almost died when my eyes fell upon this gorgeous set up of plaid and wild flowers.
Christmas Table Inspiration – A Modern Irish Celebration

This is exactly what I've been dreaming about... Only in honor of my lovely groom, I will be incorporating more red roses into the mix and adjusting the decor to suit.
anemones/amaryllis/poinsettia/berries/greenery centerpiece