Friday, October 18, 2013

Real, Deal & Steal: Fall Entertaining

We have been in the process of renovating our home forEVER a few months now and we're FINALLY getting to the fun part. I've been dying to get into furnishing and decorating our house and really digging in and making it a home that reflects both my style and my husband-to-be's. So obviously, my #1 concern automatically became the bar.

He wants a full bar in our basement/man cave/play room to-be. That's all well and good, and really, who couldn't use a basement bar?

via houzz

Of course, I'm not opposed to this... but something as grand as this will take a while for us to finish. Also, I'm not opposed to having a small bar set up upstairs for day drinking ease of entertaining.

I came across this amazing collection on Pinterest which further sealed the deal on my love of bar carts. I'm not the only one! I knew this had to be something that we have in a nook of our home somewhere... let's be honest, I would try to convince my beloved that it is totally appropriate for our bedroom if I thought I'd make any headway there.

Unfortunately, we're on a super-tight budget due to the wedding just 6 short weeks away! So my dream of owning the Beckett bar cart has been quashed (even though it's on sale now), and I'm being forced to be more judicious with my spending... BOO! This bad boy is still on our registry because it's just awesome and I keep hoping against hope that I can convince Jay that I absolutely must have it. wish me luck


The good thing about this is that I'm getting really great at finding similar items for way less moolah - and that makes me happy because it means I can get quite a few things for our home instead of just 1 giant splurge item. After some quick googling, I found the Libations bar cart at Crate & Barrel. It's a little more modern, but it's still super cute and portable, which I love.


I was ready to bite the bullet and just buy one of these when I saw this little sweetie in Target a few weeks back. I was the girl wrestling it off the shelf to try to push it around the aisle and see how sturdy it is... surprisingly great quality. I was expecting it to be rickety and wobbly and not hold up to normal-people wear and tear. Then Emily at Jone's Design Co. style it in her blog post earlier this week and I was totally sold!

I'm still holding out hope that Beckett will magically make his way into my life (and my living room) but for now, I can totally and completely, 100% without guilt go with the Target cart. At least I know I will have a place to store all the booze Jay won at the last beef & beer... 2 baskets of cheer! winner winner chicken dinner!