Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Backwards vendors

So MAYBE the vendor isn't backwards, but I might be...

In the spirit of putting the cart before the horse, I have totally started looking at vendors without actually booking a venue, or a church. We are shooting for Fall wedding this year and I just can't sit around and wait for red tape to get cut while all the good vendors get snatched up. I'm an instant gratification kind of girl and I just had to start doing something wedding-planning related. So even though it's making everyone else crazy (they would like me to wait until after Christmas to kick off planning), I just can't wait!! That and I paid a visit to Bucci's to get my ring sized and Joe might have said that it was "engagement season" which almost put me in a tailspin because since Jay and I got engaged, we know at least 3 or 4 other couples that have as well!

So I took to one of the most important vendors, Photographers, because after all is said and done, you want great pictures... that's all you get to keep from the day. So I hit the books (or google) to find some local photographers and check out pricing.

I have been blog-stalking Hoffer Photography for at least 6 years. If I'm being honest, I've wanted them to photograph my wedding since the first time I laid eyes on their work. I am fairly certain that I would have made a deposit to them 3 years ago if I would have known that we would be getting engaged and that they were going be booked through forever.

That said, there are A LOT of photographers out there, and it was easy for me to fall in love with another artist's work once I knew that the Hoffer's weren't available.

I'm kind of obsessed with Ashley Bartoletti's images. Her pictures are much softer and way more my style. I found her through Style Me Pretty and she was super sweet, and her work is just fabulous!

I'm also currently drooling over Saltwater Studios. Steph's work is also beautiful and soft and natural and I totally love her as a person! She's probably the friendliest wedding vendor, ever, OF ALL TIME.