Monday, December 17, 2012

Goin' to the Chapel

If we could just figure out which one!

I grew up attending St. Maria Goretti. Jay grew up at St. Paul's. Sounds simple enough, however, my church is of the Catholic persuasion, and Jay's is Episcopal. Another dividing concept.... and although we are able to keep things light and make jokes about how the two are very similar (read: all the heaven, half the guilt), it is still causing a slight chink in the armor.

Another issue we've come up against is that St. Paul's is simply too small for the number of people we would have at our wedding, so we enlisted some help from Jay's friend, Fr. Jeff, and he put us in touch with Fr. David over at Trinity Episcopal.

The saving Grace is that both Jay and I have family friends who are clergy in our respective faiths. We intend to meet with both of them and discuss our options before coming to a conclusive decision.We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and they have been terribly helpful and accommodating to our less than standard needs.

Until then, I'll leave you with these little gems:

inside Trinity

Trinity vestibule

Trinity (street view)
SMG (street view)

SMG (vestibule entrance)

wedding party on the alter at SMG