Saturday, December 15, 2012

Big Changes! (non-wedding post)

Jay and I are in a very fortunate position when it comes to our first home together... because we don't have  to move (well our stuff anyways). However, getting here has not been the easiest of roads....

We had been looking, and looking, and looking for a place of our own. Nothing ever worked out, we put a bid in on a house about 2 years ago and got it then we found out in the inspection that it had termite damage and other repairs to the tune of $100k! We visited a sweet old farmhouse that was stunning and had so much potential, if it hadn't be left to rot and ruin so bad that we were fearful of falling through the floors. We found a great house in a great neighborhood but it was wayyy overpriced, so we waited, it came down. We waited a little longer. It came down a little more. We put a bid in. We got outbid. We lost it. I might have cried.

We gave up... more accurately, took a break , and mostly because the housing market in our area totally erupts in the spring every year then tapers off by mid-summer and all that's left are the houses we don't want.

In the meantime, we have been living with Jay's stepmom to save money for the down payment, renovations/upgrades of our future home and/or furniture/furnishes. It was a convenient set up for all of us and it worked as a temporary set up. We were hoping to be back on the house-hunt come March. AND THEN.... Carol found out she was being transferred to Charlotte, NC.

 So Carol is leaving and we're going to buy her house. See, we are super lucky!!! She was off in Charlotte looking for a new pad last week, and found a great place! So now we're going to help her pack up and move south! Then we're going to visit her every chance we get :) (and of course, she will be welcome to stay with us any and every time she comes back to PA!)

So that is our big-non-wedding-related news. This will now be a wedding/home blog. Sorry if you don't like it :) We're super excited. Also sorry for such a long-winded post without pictures! I promise to post "before" pics soon!

Until then, enjoy this little Christmas gem :)

Our 2 favorite Christmas movies...and a sneak-peek at the
  living/dining room "to-be" (currently only be used as a living room)
as well as our not-so-beautiful stair case and beautiful wood floor