Monday, December 31, 2012

Dress Success - Pt. 1

Today was quite the success! We went over to David's Bridal (me and my entourage- Mom, Cara, Shiela, Alyssa, Carol, and Elisabeth) to check out some dresses. Not with any intention of actually buying one, but as it turns out, that happened!

I handed over my list of favorites to the very capable Kara and she went to work making magic! If you are shopping in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, I highly recommend you go see her at the Plymouth Meeting store. She was so sweet and helpful!

my first time in a Wedding Dress... pretty, but not the one

this was *almost* the one!
Elisabeth (bottom picture, the one in the white dress who isn't me) was so cute! She couldn't wait to get a fancy flower girl dress on and was sooo excited when Aunt Cara picked out a fancy tutu dress for her. She had to wear a tiara too and at one point she got to wear a veil... everything I did, she wanted to do too! She was just the cutest little thing! I love that kiddo so much!