Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day Eve!

St. Patrick's Day is right up there with Christmas for us. We celebrate the entire month leading up to it, we might even have an official countdown clock. I feel like my mom made celebrating every single holiday so much fun while we were growing up that it makes me want to just keep on doing it. Although I'm almost 100% certain that holidays are going to be even more fun once we have kids, I am also 100% certain that St. Patrick's Day is definitely one that is for the 21+ crowd (therefore once we have kids, it will be a night we ship kids off to Gingin & Pop's)

I doubt that I will ever tire of drinking green beer. Even if it's totally cheesy. I will rock shiny green beads and light up "Kiss Me! I'm Irish" necklaces well into my 80's, God willing. However, I will also rock my green for the weeks leading up to St. Patrick's Day and all the fun festive days that help us celebrate our Heritage (St. Practice Day down at Fado's with Blackthorne, The Parade in Philly, the Conshy parade, AOH with Bridgett & Matt, etc. etc. etc.) until we're fall-down-the-Septa-stairs-drunk... ooh, sadly, I was sober when that happened last year. probably why it hurt so effing bad. YIKES!

So go green in the cutest things this Spring!!