Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hoppy Easter!!

We have been barreling through the house at record speeds (ha, yea right)! 6 weeks in and we still have two more rooms to get started on and not a single one all the way finished. Some are waiting on carpet or flooring. Some are waiting on wainscoting or base boards. All of them are waiting on decorations and I CANNOT WAIT TO START DECORATING.

I found this sweet glitter Happy Easter plaque at HomeGoods at the end of February and couldn't wait to bust it out! The mason jar is either from mom's homemade apple sauce OR  it may have once contained apple pie moonshine. I'm really not sure which, but now it holds cute pastel bunny-shaped marshmallows.


It's just not a holiday without a tree, right? I clipped some branches from the trees outside and anchored them in a tall cylindar vase filled with pebbles. Then I took some bakers twine and fed it through these plastic eggs I scored at Target for super cheap and tied them onto random branches. It was missing something so on my next trip, I grabbed a pack of 5 adorable glittered pastel wood cut-outs for $1! Another mason jar filled with bunny-mallows and some cute hot pink flower napkins made the table look more festive.

I went to Target specifically for the yarn wreath and cute little birds. I had no idea how much I was going to LOVE every thing that coordinated with them. I snagged a little of all the Easter swag and justified it right into my cart with "I don't have any Easter decorations and I'll use these every year til they fall apart". SOLD. All these plastic eggs are filled with Hershey kisses from my sweet fiance. He was in Hershey for states (wrestling coach) and he brought me back "The World's Largest Hershey Kiss". Now you all see why I'm marrying this man!!!! The plastic eggs are great for an out-of-sight-out-of-mind kind of game. If they were just hanging out in a candy dish, you best your ass they'd be gone by now.

I spy a Jone's Design Co. bird print! A few weeks ago, Emily was running a sale in her shop so I got a whole package of her prints for a song.

Isn't it the sweetest? I love that from a distance, it just looks like a little birdie silhouette, but up close you see that it's a bible verse and get a subtle reminder about who's in charge around here. I just picked up this frame to keep it in. It's the perfect little frame and I can store all the JDC prints in it and switch them around as I see fit, which I love. I also love that it was only $3.99 (IKEA family card, boom!) PS - if you're like me and love freebies, you should go to her site, right meow and get yourself these adorbs printables. Love um!

Our other window has another sweet little yarn chickadee and felted egg (also from Target, the rest are in a bowl in the powder room) I have since moved this jar of bunnies, it now lives with the some bunny loves you sign. My white ceramic plate is another HomeGoods find from about 2 years ago. The sugar bowl and cream pitcher are Threshold Stoneware from Target and the upside-down butter dish is from Sur la Table (but after using it, I'd totally recommend this one instead, the opening in the bell is way better and it's cheaper!).

 I decorated our kitchen up for Easter (after I cleaned it over St. Patrick's day weekend) even though we hadn't painted in there yet. Poor Jay, I told him I die a little every time a holiday passes and I don't get a chance to decorate for it. Maybe that was dramatic, but it certainly helped make Easter a good get-done-by-then deadline. Unfortunately, all the finish work won't be finished by Sunday but most of the painting will be :) Looking more like Memorial Day will be a good hard deadline. We'll see how things play out.