Friday, March 15, 2013

Self-Diagnosis: H.R.A.D.H.D.

I am not a doctor, but I think I'm coming down with a version of Home Renovation A.D.H.D. I cannot keep my attention to one project. Our plan was to finish the upstairs and move our furniture out of the basement so that we could have one area finished before moving onto the next. We've almost completed the painting (hopefully, it will be done tonight or tomorrow) and carpet is going in next week so in the mean time, I've moved onto the lower level.

It all started last weekend when my sister brought Elisabeth over. We have 100% completely ignored our downstairs over the past month because we've been trying to get the upstairs livable. However, it was brought to my attention... by a 3 year old... that my system just won't do. Granted, the kid is a total germaphobe and at one point in her life had a meltdown that "Aunt Cara's room is messy" and made my mom clean my little sister's room during a party... Regardless, when a tiny-tot tells her mom she doesn't want to use your bathroom because it's a "dirty potty", you might, just maybe, stay up til 3 am cleaning. Then again, maybe it's just me.

Unfortunately, I didn't just stop at the powder room. I vacuumed the whole house (even upstairs where we're still working, because I didn't want us tracking dust and junk through the house- and I had the vacuum out anyways), scrubbed the powder room and then started working in the kitchen. I have a love-hate relationship with my kitchen. It is very large, which is awesome, but it needs a lot of work and updating. Sometimes I get overwhelmed in there because I feel like nothing can be salvaged and everything needs to be replaced immediately.

Here's a tiny glimpse... this is the "after-before" shot... by that I mean, post cleaning, pre-painting/redoing.
and only 1/2 the kitchen, since the other side still looks like a bomb went off.

microwave, garbage disposal, fridge, bead board, trim, counter top (1), (2), switch covers, primer, trim paint, light, chair, table, dishwasher, knob (similar here), pull, stain, island, stools, floor (1), (2), paint, range

Notice, I have quite the project board started... pretty good for my staying-in-the-upstairs plan, right?! Please don't notice that the handle has broken off our oven door and it's currently being held together by duct tape (just because it can be fixed with duct tape, doesn't mean it should be).

Our current kitchen is totally in need of some TLC and I was amazed at what a good cleaning did for our cabinets. Over the course of the week, I scrubbed them down with Murphy's Oil Soap and then polished them with Old English (for dark wood - originally bought for our bedroom furniture - but perfect for toning down the Honey Oak cabinets). I'm happy to report that cleaning the cabinets has now saved us about $10k because they are still in good shape, if not for the slightly dated color (Like all things, I'm sure this color will cycle back around and I'll be ready when it's all the rage again, HA! No woman in her right mind will ever let the oak-phenom happen again!). I also bleached the shit out of the counters and back splash which did wonders.

Also note, the floor samples are for sheet vinyl, not my first choice, but the most cost-effective... that is until you get a quote from Home Depot where the installation costs 2x as much as the flooring, WHAT?!?! Also notice, I have 2 choices of flooring and counter top colors. I can't decide if I want to go grayer or tanner in the kitchen so that's something I'm still toying with. I'm trying to keep an open mind so that I don't end up with my heart set on something too expensive and/or needing custom-everything to get the colors I want.

Oh, what's that? You want another list? oh me too!!

Kitchen To Do

Phase 1

  • Remove vertical blinds from back door
  • Patch, spackle, prime and paint walls/ceiling
  • New Floor
  • New Appliances (replace range-hood with over-the-range microwave with built-in fan)
  • Install garbage disposal
  • Closet doors on pantry
  • New outlets/switches and replace covers
  • Gel-stain cabinets (either just to glaze/highlight or whole thing - haven't quite decided on that either - most likely to be a game-time decision based on how much work is involved and/or what looks nice) 
  • Add hardware to cabinets
  • New table & chairs
Phase 2
  • Crown moulding, new 6" baseboards
  • Bead board  
  • Install recessed lighting throughout, under-cabinet lights, and pendant light(s) over island (2) or kitchen table (1) (still deciding on placement for lights and which place should get the pendant, leaning toward table)
  • Add island and counter-height stools
 Phase 3
  • replace counter tops with stone or solid surface counters
  • replace bask splash (tile)
  • install larger/deeper sink 
  • change faucet to pull-out style, with soap pump