Thursday, March 14, 2013

The OTHER Story of The Tortoise & The Hare

Just a few weeks ago, we started working on the house. I almost can't believe that we've been at it so long and have so little finished. I'm telling you, I feel like we're working at a glacial speed, but that's how it goes when you work full-time and have to travel to Alabama for one of the primo-fix-up weekends.

We have been sooo lucky that Jay's friend who is a painter has been over to help us get things done at least 3 nights a week. He's fantastic! Cuts in with no tape and gets enough paint on the walls in the first coat that it *almost* doesn't need a 2nd, almost. My OCD-tendencies require at least 2 coats though.

I have a hard time sticking to one project and seeing it through to completion before moving onto the next one. I am a multi-tasker, I can't help it but to be doing 5 things at once. Hence the handful of unfinished projects.This is both a blessing and a curse as I have all the projects partially completed, but nothing officially finished yet.

That being said, I feel like I am tearing through the house at warp-speed but somehow we are still moving along at a snail's pace. SO ANNOYING. I have random little lists lying all around the house of what needs to be completed where and a giant wish-list of sorts compiled and saved in my lil Home Depot/Lowes/Misc. Home Improvement receipts folder.

We know I love that "check off the list" feeling... So far, our to-do list looks kind of like this:

  • Paint All Rooms/Hall/Stairwell
    • Ceilings (prime, 2 coats paint)
    • Walls (prime, 2 coats paint)
    • Trim (2 coats paint) one coat left
    • Doors (2 coats paint) 
    • Closet Doors (spray: prime, paint) waiting for nicer weather so I can spray outside
  • Stair railings Planning for this weekend
  • Chandelier and new lighting for stairwell/hallway
  • Carpet Planning for this weekend
    • bedrooms
    • hall 
    • steps
  •  New hardware on all doors
    • door knobs
    • hinges
    • door stops
  • New Closet doors for Master (french-style), move current ones to office and pantry.
  • Add pot lights to all rooms and hall
  • Bathrooms Planning for this summer
    • Redo Hall Bath (all white pieces)
      • New vanity
      • New light
      • New medicine cabinets
      • New tub (soaker, deep!)
      • New Toilet
      • New tile floor
      • New faucets (sink, bath, shower)
      • New fan
      • Close up wall between bathroom and vanity/closet area (where new bathroom will go)
      • New fixtures (shower curtain bar, towel bars, toilet paper holder, etc)
      • New shower curtain, towels, accessories
      • New cabinet over toilet
    • Add Master Bath Planning for this summer
      • Run plumbing
      • Change drywall to water-resistant
      • New vanity
      • New light
      • New medicine cabinets 
      • New stall shower with glass door
      • New floor
      • New faucets (sink, shower)
      • New fan
      • New cabinet over toilet
      • New towels, accessories.
      • Move existing door to current bathroom to other side to opening between new bathroom and master bedroom.
  • Move furniture upstairs (from basement and storage) Planning for this weekend
  • Hang plantation blinds, curtain rods, and new curtains in all windows. Planning for this weekend
  • Decorate. Planning for this weekend, but will most likely be an ongoing venture.
Downstairs... AHHHHH
NAPALM kitchen
Hire arsonist for living room/dining room
bead board in powder room.
Ok, not really.... The real list is here:

  • Paint all ceilings (prime, 2 coats paint)
  • Paint all walls (prime, 2 coats paint)
  • Paint all trim (2 coats paint)
  • Paint doors (prime, 2 coats paint)
  •  New hardware on all doors
    • door knobs purchased!
    • hinges purchased!
    • door stops purchased!
  •  Kitchen
    • Take down vertical blinds (and destroy them!)
    • Take down ceiling fans (let them go the way of the vertical blinds)
    • Clean and organize cabinets and pantry
    • shelf liner inside cabinets
    • New flooring
    • Add closet doors to pantry (use doors from master bedroom closet)
    • New hinges and hardware on cabinets ordered!
    • New stainless appliances (fridge, range, dishwasher, over-range microwave with vent)
    • Bead board back splash
    • New stone counter tops (some light whitish-gray color)
    • New kitchen table & chairs
    • Add moulding around windows and doors + new base boards
    • Add island with 2 stools
    • Decorate: chalk board!! and memo-center stuffins
  •  Living Room
    • sand walls to remove the lovely faux finish (which also is sand) in preparation for painting
    • Hang plantation blinds, curtain rods (from Shiela and Jay), and new curtains in all windows.
    • Hang TV above fireplace
    • Decorate: need rug and furniture and lamps... 
  • Dining Room
    • Hang chandelier
    • Recover chairs for dining room set
    • 2 new chairs for table-heads
    • Decorate: Rug, mirror above buffet
  • Powder Room
    • Bead board or board and batten
    • new medicine cabinet
    • new flooring 
    • new fixtures (towel rack, toilet paper holder)
    • new lighting - vanity style
    • new fan