Sunday, November 10, 2013

Crisis Averted... Table Numbers

I've had table numbers printed and ready to go for months... Literally, these have been sitting in a folder since May... MAY!!!

My cousin had 20-25 table number frames that she used for her wedding. She gave them to my sister to use for hers. A few months after that, they were used again for my best friend's wedding. Then stashed in storage. No big deal... I'll get them from her later... plenty of time.

"Oh you're so ahead of the game, Leenie!"

Never. Should. Have. Said. That.
Enter: Murphy's Law.

Warning: I'm about to let you in on what went through my head today... it's a scary place right now. I'm sorry if it causes you to have a panic attack, seizure, or any other kind of meltdown.

Then life happened. My best friend got knocked up (wooo hooo!!) and then we all got really busy... her planning the arrival of her baby girl and me planning a home renovation and wedding, and well... we forgot about table number frames. Plenty of time. Until your BFF goes on bed rest! Son-of-a!!!!!! Ask her about them... can't ask her to go digging through storage boxes in the basement now.... oh shit! Don't panic. Plenty of time. Tell Kerri Not to cry. Don't worry. It'll be ok. What am I going to do for table numbers? Brainstorm... think about every idea I've liked over the last 6 months. (more ideas in this post and on my pinterest boards). 3 weeks til the wedding... I start freaking out to get a little anxious. I really don't want to spend any more money. This isn't one of those craft projects I can just skip.

In the car, on the way home from buying a rehearsal dinner dress (for the 3rd time) and have literally a light bulb explode in my head!

I turn to Nicole (my own personal savior and bridesmaid extraordinaire) and ask if it's ok to have mis-matched frames. We agree this is fine since nothing-the-same is kind of my thing. Thankfully in a past life... I was a shopoholic and bought things for my house that I didn't have. A lot of times those things were picture frames.

Nicole and I dig through a box in my guest room and find about 25 frames. Perfect. I'm left in a state of delirium to my own devices . Now to doctor them up a bit... kind of Christmasy - kind of wintery - silver & gold, black & white, ivory & gray - sparkle - metallic... I need glitter. I need gold spray paint. Good thing I have a minor obsession with both so I have them on hand. Get to work.

Finished product: Some of the painted frames mixed in with the glittered mats and other frames that have some of their own inherent sparkle. Looks like this was The Plan... the whole time.Crisis Averted.

I'm actually THRILLED with the way these all turned out and am so excited about them. I have a few numbers to reprint - you can see that 1 has no swirls and in 17, 20, and 21 all could use a little help since their doodads are covered by the frame, but all in all, I'm so happy with it. I did find that need some plate stands for 3 frames that don't stand on their own but I talked to my mom about it and she was happy to help out there!

*Disclaimer: pay no attention to the bottle of champagne, Fireball, or the 6-pack of Anchor Brewing Christmas Ale... we do what we need to survive wedding planning.