Sunday, November 17, 2013

Glitter + Spray Paint = Duct Tape of the Craft World


I might have a problem.

I'm have more than a minor obsessed with all things that glitter. It's to the point that Little Miss Elisabeth tells my sister that she and I have the same favorite color: sparkle. We've got it BAD!

Let's start with my arsenal... Silver Glitter Glue. Iridescent Glass Glitter. Rose Gold Extra Fine Glitter. Rose Gold Hexis Glitter. Pewter Extra Fine Glitter, Silver Iridescent Extra Fine Glitter, Silver Hexis Glitter, Silver Micro Slice Glitter, Gold Extra Fine Glitter Gold Micro Slice Glitter, Iridescent Hexis Glitter.

Surprisingly enough, I had all of this on hand... I know, you're shocked! Most of which I purchased in a giant variety pack (Recollections Glitter in a 30-pack!) or a small variety pack (Wow! Glitter in a 4-pack) at TJ Maxx. The glue and the giant glitter are both from my local arts and crafts store, Rainbow.


These German glass glitter letters (clearance bins at Michaels... very similar to these Pottery Barn letters... but only 75 cents! The ribbon is Domain gray velvet - TJ's) were the beginning of the end for me. Originally, I was going to make 2 banners, 1 for each of our chairs, but the way our reception is set up, it will be more visible to hang it across the front of our table, which meant I'd only need 1 banner... which meant I needed to make a glitter & for between the M-R and M-R-S.

I cut apart a Woodchuck 6-pack and just drew a & with permanent marker until I liked the shape of it. Then I went crazy with the exact-o knife and some scissors. Last, I painted it with glitter glue and sprinkled the crap out of it with glitter. Let dry, repeat on other side.

This is where things got completely out of hand... While I was waiting for one side to dry... I went to town with the glitter and the spray paint. I literally attacked anything I could find (that Jay wouldn't kill me over). From jars, to vases, to votive cups... everything and anything I could get my hands on got tarred and feathered glued and glittered.

In my defense (clearly, I'm marrying a lawyer, otherwise I wouldn't feel the need to do this, EVER) the signs I printed for around the reception sometimes came up short in the frames I had for them so I couldn't just leave the edges white! So I glittered up some mats I had from a previous project, when they weren't the right size, I just glittered the edge of the paper... overkill? Nope!
 Red and White Traditional Christmas           Glitter & gold mason jars, gold spray painted coffee beans for filler
I had seen these pictures on Pinterest of straws like these at the bar and I knew I had to have them to give the wedding that little nod toward Christmas without it looking like Santa crashed our party. I also loved the look of the tray holding straws and stirrers... so again, I went crazy making my own version of this.

More pictures... forthcoming. Can't give it all away just yet!

I had some of this spray paint leftover from the fake-80-surprise-party-that-was-really-my-bridal-shower so I used it on a few jars. I also taped off some glass doodads I had lying around (vases, champagne coupes, wine glasses, etc.) and sprayed just the rims or bottoms. It worked out beautifully and these things will be pulling double-duty! Rehearsal + Reception.

I will say, this spray paint looks great but it definitely pulls more rose-gold than brass/bright gold. Of course, I ran out mid-project so Jay had to pick more up for me on a Home Depot run. He grabbed a Rust-o-lium can and it definitely is a brighter truer gold color. I like the mix of both, but be careful if you are not a just-go-with-it kind of person.

I'm fairly certain that, after this weekend, anyone who comes to our house in the next YEAR will leave with glitter on their person. Our dog... well he'll either look like a HomeGoods holiday decoration, or he'll have sparkly poops for a good few months... won't keep you posted... even I know when enough's enough.