Friday, November 8, 2013

Crossing Fingers... and Toes... and Legs!

Can someone please get me a tissue?

My best friend in the entire world is having a baby! A little girl baby and I could not be more excited for her because she already has 2 little boys and has pretty much been talking about "her little girl" since her last son was born 6 years ago.

She called me today in tears...full on sobbing! I panicked immediately thinking something had gone seriously wrong, wondering what happened and why she was upset. Then she started apologizing... Wait, what?

Turns out this baby girl is a little brat (but I love her to pieces anyway) and due to some complications, my BFF can't come to the bachelorette party :( super sad about this. What's worse, she's on serious bed rest and probably won't be able to come to the rehearsal dinner or the wedding. (cue my own rush of tears)

So there we were sitting on the phone crying to each other... hot messes, the both of us. Feeling sorry for ourselves and each other... but then we thought about it and she's having a baby! A BABY!!! this is fantastic, regardless of the trouble the little chick is giving her! I'm getting married (to my other best friend)! Maybe I'm setting myself up for major disappointment, but I'm pretty sure this is going to be the best day of my life so far!

She's my human... So despite the fact that my best friend may not be able to come to my wedding and is feeling pretty damn awful and that I may have promised her I'd come to the hospital in my wedding dress if I had to... we're both truly blessed. We're also crossing our fingers (and she's crossing her legs) in hopes that the baby will cooperate and she'll be able to make it to our Big Day... at least part of the day.