Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Death By Crafting.. the tassels from hell

Surely, if I die before our wedding day it will be as a result of making a tassel backdrop. I've been eying this up forever and I knew I wanted one for our wedding. Unfortunately, the garlands from ConfettiSystem are out of my price range and this seemed easy enough to create on my own.

confettisystem confetti system garland tassle fringle metallic tissue paper DIY piƱata

Enter Amazon.. I had a ton of white tissue lying around from Christmases and birthdays past, so I ordered silver mylar, gold mylar, ivory and gray tissue. When it arrived, I got to work cutting and twisting.

How to Make Tissue Paper Tassel Garlands! Tutorial!
I followed this tutorial

If I could do it over again, I would purchase a rotary cutter as suggested in Camille Styles tutorial. It would have made my life 10 times easier and this project about 30 times faster.

I've been making tassels since April. 

Literally, every spare moment I have for wedding crafts has been dedicated to cutting and twisting and I still do not have enough tassels for this grand photo back drop I've planned in my head.

This should be one of the crafts that I should just skip. I should just cut my losses, throw all the tassels into a plastic bin labeled "New Year's Eve" and call it a day... but I'm in too deep. 

I've cut too many. I've twisted my little heart out and the results are fabulous... I just need about 100 more.

Some nights, I twist while drinking wine and cooking dinner... sometimes I stare at the stack of tissue paper I have left to twist and wonder what drugs I should be on for this...

Lately, I've been in bed watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel and twisting away... every so often apologizing to Jay for my crazy and thanking him for just letting me be nuts.

I have a feeling its going to look fabulous in the end so I'm not too worried... yet... I have all the tissue cut at this point and am making great progress! Thank God for Christmas movies every night!! I just hope I can convince my wonderful husband-to-be to build me a frame for this bad boy since I talked to our venue and they said I would not be able to use command clips on their walls. (boo! but understandable)

Wish me luck!! (does anyone else find it particularly hysterical that I used the word 'easy' at the beginning of this post?)