Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!! I hope you have a lot of fun planned for this weekend! We are going to be crazy busy... in a good way!

Tomorrow morning we'll be at the Narberth CF Run in the morning. This race benefits the Take a Breather Foundation and, of course, we are more than happy to support such a wonderful cause that is so near and dear to our hearts. I'm so excited that a lot of our friends and family will be running/volunteering with us for it this year! It is supposed to be beautiful (in the morning at least) so we can't wait! (good causes are my favorite)

I've been on a 'get healthy' kick for quite some time... signing up for runs helps keep me motivated... other favorites that keep me on track are my Mason Bar Co. lids... I have 32 oz jars that I heisted from my mom and 4 lids (2 regular, 2 wide mouth) that I use ALL. THE. TIME. These are great for keeping track of how much water I've consumed in a day (goal is at least 3 of these bad boys) and they're cute so they don't bother me when I find them sitting around my house like I'm the girl from Signs.

It's contaminated.

Another favorite this week are these amazing shirts from Abby & Co. Thank you Little Baby Garvin for introducing me to maybe the most comfortable and cute shirts ever made.

I love these so much, I bought them in every color... well not EVERY... but yellow, gray, green, and royal blue (my favorite, but no longer listed in the shop). Obsessed.

Saying that Kohl's is my favorite is a given... I love shopping there. Everything is so inexpensive and I always have coupons/Kohl's cash where I feel like it's practically free. I recently "splurged" on leggings there because they had a ton of cute ones that were super soft and comfy feeling. My only complaint is that they rarely make things long enough for tall girls - dresses are more like tunics on me and I have trouble with their yoga pants or any pants for that matter - but I'm ok with my leggings being slightly cropped so I keep shopping... because these were $10.50 each... with a 30% off coupon... and $20 KC... so yea, FREE... I love free things! I ended up buying 3 pairs... so only had to pay $2.50 with real money.

Not part of the health kick, but I got a couple bottles of Middle Sister Wine for my bridal shower a few months back and I've been hooked ever since. I am a sucker for any wine with a fun or pretty label and I'm currently loving this one (I am the middle sister, after all). It just so happens that drinking wine is one of my favorite things to do and with this one, I can still contribute to a great cause.  If you've been reading along, than you also know that I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest... Middle Sister's pins put me back on the love side of things

Lastly, I'm loving these Tory Burch sandals. Using the code "friendly" until 4/28, you can get 25% off, making them... well... still a splurge so we'll see if I can maintain control over the next 3 days or not...

IF I manage to make it til Tuesday without clicking "check out", it will be a miracle. But at half the price, I might not be able to pass up these cute Michael Kors Jelly Thongs.

Hope everyone has the best weekend! Happy Friday!