Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Tying up Loose Ends

So after reading and re-reading my progress report post from a few weeks back, I got super excited about so many of the projects being near completion that I went a little crazy trying to tie up some of them and being able to knock things off the list completely!

DONE! is so much more fun for me to write at the end of each room than a long excuse explanation as to why things are not 'done'. So I've been a busy little bee finishing every project I possibly can!

Here's a look at our original list (without all the comments of 8-million updates) and the progress we've made since we started working on our house last February


  • Paint All Rooms/Hall/Stairwell DONE!
  • Paint doors/closet doors/trim 
    • Paint Stair railings DONE!
    • Chandelier and new lighting for stairwell/hallway DONE!
    • Carpet
      •  New hardware on all doors DONE!
        •  New Closet doors for Master (french-style), move current ones to office 
        • Add pot lights to all rooms and hall
        • Bathrooms
          • Redo Hall Bath (all white pieces)
          • Add Master Bath (the only thing left is the trim around the door, painting it and adding hardware... easy peasy... mostly because I only have to paint, Dad and Jay will do the rest!)
          • Move furniture upstairs (from basement and storage)
          • Hang plantation blinds, curtain rods, and new curtains in all windows.
          • Decorate. I.CAN'T.WAIT!!!!
          • Paint all Rooms need to touch up the kitchen (where it got marked up from installing the floor)
          •  Kitchen floors are in :)
          •  Living Room
            • closet doors
            • move TV outlet so that it is hidden
            • Decorate!
          • Dining Room
            • Recover chairs for dining room set
            • 2 new chairs for table-heads
            • Decorate: Rug, mirror above buffet - I can't wait to move all the furniture in and see how it looks (hopefully, I don't decide that it needs to be painted/restained... I'm over projects at this point and I'm too poor to pay someone to do these things!)
          • Powder Room
            • new light
            • new mirror
            • touch up paint