Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Desperate Times... kitchen crashing

We're officially onto the next project in our house... the kitchen floor... if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, I'm sorry for the feed overload (I'm not really sorry). I've been posting progress photos almost every night because they make my mom and Grandmom happy (and lots of our friends seem to love them too, so again... I'm not really sorry).

With this overhaul, we have a HUGE decision to make: appliances. We have discussed, ad nauseam, which direction we'd like to head, only to NOT have an outcome...

Originally, we I was thinking these GE Artistry appliances would be awesome... they're super cool with the retro look and the price was right... we could get the entire line up (fridge, dishwasher, range, and microwave) for well under $2k... unfortunately, my husband's not a big fan... I spoke to our local appliance guy and he said that they look sharp and because they are not overloaded with all kinds of crazy features, they'll run forever. Ah... what features are they missing? A lot of the modern ones I'd like in brand new appliances (self-cleaning, delayed start baking, sensor cooking microwave, ice maker, and stainless interior on the dishwasher) So although, they fit the budget and are totally awesome looking... they just aren't right for us.

Next on my hit list was this bad boy...

Ahh, but I don't have $5 grand... and IF I was going to chose this crazy, awesome, amazingly wonderful appliance for my kitchen, I would bite the bullet and have a gas line run... so until our next home... I'll keep dreaming!

Enter Whirlpool... while searching for all things stainless and white... I came across these beauties...

 Words cannot express how I LOVE these white ice appliances... they are gorgeous! And full of AMAZING bells and whistles that just make my heart sing. I love. LOVE. LOVEEEE.
I really can't put it any better than Ali over at Gimme Some Oven (side bar - I want her kitchen!)

And then there's these stainless beauties... I can't. I just cannot! Stainless is just so classically perfect and lovely and sleek and ahhhh... I love this too!

There is not a talent I lack more than the ability to make decisions. Clearly, I have a style in mind but how, oh how!? am I supposed to chose between these two gorgeous looks!? They both are equally stunning in this sample kitchen, so that doesn't even help seal the deal...

A few things that sway my decision:

1) I love the look of the white appliances with white cabinets but I prefer stainless with wood cabinets

2) I HATE, loathe, abhor, absolutely CANNOT STAND when stainless gets all gunked up with streaky water marks and slimy fingerprints... there probably isn't a word to describe how much I despise this

3) I scrolled through my pins on my kitchen board and found that a lot of my favorite kitchens have stainless appliances... however, I also found that most people who have white appliances did NOT have these pretty new white ice goodies that I adore and stainless has reigned supreme for like 25 years... so of course it's going to dominate Pinterest for now.

4) Resale... I don't really care about this as much as the people who have brought it up to me... again that whole stainless = we have arrived business... I will say, after watching 8,935, 217 episodes of whatever house selling/renovation shows, it is impossible to deny that stainless appliances sell kitchens. On the flip-side, we're probably going to be in this house about 10 more years so the appliances really won't be "new" anymore so does it really matter?

5) Our wine fridge is stainless.... this is the only thing that I can come up with as a valid argument for stainless vs. white ice. Will it drive me bananas if this 1 appliance (which will be on the other side of the kitchen) doesn't match the rest? I love a good coordinating but mismatched fest, I just don't think I'm ready for it in my kitchen... we shall see...

6) Bottom line... we're working on a shit ton of projects in this old house so at the end of the day, price will probably sway the decision one way or the other. Let's be honest... we're pinching pennies as it is... so even if the difference is minimal, we'll end up going with whatever deal is best.