Saturday, April 26, 2014

Good-Bye Linoleum!!

I mentioned in the most recent progress (here & here) reports that we are in need of a new kitchen floor... I maybe did not mention HOW DESPERATELY we need a new kitchen floor.

Our linoleum has seen way better days so have our kitchen counters.

Apparently, It's in such bad shape that I subconsciously avoid it in all pictures... these were the only ones where you can actually see it and I had to go back to last summer's archives to even catch a glimpse of this heinous floor.

You can kind of see here what I'm dealing with - that is if you can get past Blitz's adorable face - it's super dingy, peeling up around the back door and under the dishwasher, there may or may not be cigarette burns in it by the back door (not from us!) and it's now peeling up across the back wall because we never put the baseboard back after we finished painting... this is passive aggressive at it's finest, folks... we've had the base boards laying across sawhorses in our living/dining room this whole time because we knew we wanted a new floor first... let's just let it get totally unbearable before we get around to fixing it (I am my own worst enemy).

Enter: World's Most Amazing Family

My aunt (World's Greatest Uncle's wife) gave, that's right I said GAVE, us 5 boxes of flooring that she wasn't using because she knew that we were trying to renovate our house to make it more "us" and updated. It is beautiful 4-in plank blonde oak and will blend nicely with the gun stock oak that is throughout the rest of our downstairs. 

We were short, maybe 2-3 boxes to complete our kitchen so my parents' bought us the additional flooring for Christmas and my dad is installing it for us! How generous is that!?! We seriously have the greatest families ever of all time.
Of course, that means we had to wait for the opportune time for my dad to actually put it in for us and evidently, that time is today :)

I cannot wait to see the finished product! Good bye yucky old linoleum!! (we won't miss you at all!)