Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Favorites

Just when we thought we were free of the chilly temps, mother nature sends a cold front... Brrrrrr! I'm so ready for sunny and 70's, maxi dresses, and cold beer! But this lingering cold has me reeling over all things black and tan/white/ivory... or admittedly, I'm just obsessed with the combo, especially with pops of silver and gold sparkle.

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1-2: Cute hair ties and accessories are quickly becoming my best friends. I love these headbands and the hair ties too - they don't get stuck in my hair and they don't leave deep red lines and cut off circulation to my hands when wear them on my wrist (for the 10 minutes I make it a day with my hair down). I call that a win-win. 

3-4: These Eight Sixty dresses are the same style as I wore for my engagement pictures and are-hands down-my favorite when it comes to maxi dresses. Mostly because they are super long which makes this tall girl extremely happy!

5-8: It is safe to say that I'm completely head over heels for all things Deux Lux these days! They have the cutest purses, totes, wallets and cosmetic bags and I would like on of each (in every color).

our renovated shower has built in beer holders (not soap dishes)

Let's just say my Toast coozie has already been put to good use since it arrived about a month ago (and my mom's been putting the other 1/2 of that set to work)! Now, JandPaper has a Happy Camper coozie that I just have to have... might as well buy 2 of them...each... seriously, when do you ever have enough coozies?

Hope you're all enjoying Easter Week (and Spring Break for some)!