Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Springing Up!

This weekend was filled with lots of springtime fun and Easter festivities!  It was the first great weather we've had in the northeast! Finally free of the insane winter!

Of course, this was the perfect time to get some decorating done and lots of time outside soaking up the sunshine! We have TONS of daffodils growing in our side garden and since I don't often spend time in the muddy yard, I clipped a few to put around our house... everywhere...

 I came across these awesome "frogs" for mason jars at Target... where else but the $1 section!? Love when you find something practical there, not just crap that you don't need but buy because it's super cute and cheap!

Our wreath hanger (many seasons ago) and wreath (Easter 2013) are also from Target and I would be lying if I said I didn't think about painting our front door a different color... just so it wouldn't clash with my precious wreath... I have issues.

On the up-side, Jay is finally getting on board with my crazy crafting... he asked if I made this wreath and when I told him no, he asked why not... because, my dear, sometimes buying the item out right is cheaper and easier than buying all the supplies and making one yourself. And when you're renovating your house, you'll cut any other corners you can just to get 10 minutes to drink a beer on the deck...

Yesterday, we got nailed with a cold front... 20 degrees and snow overnight so I salvaged any blooms from the garden that I hadn't cut over the weekend and ended up with sweet mini-daffodils in the bathroom and some pretty radiant-orchid colored hyacinths for my mantle. It was great getting to pull out the vases from my shower/wedding to reuse and made me feel a little sentimental... and a little bummed that that part of our life is over.

Fortunately, flowers and sweet bunny towels (from Kohl's) did wonders and cheered me right back up :)