Monday, February 4, 2013


So the other day,  I took this picture of my to do list:

Today that list looks like this!

I can only imagine how this legal pad will look once November rolls around. 

I might be having visions of this:

In an effort to prevent that ^ hot mess, let me regroup here:

The great news is that I did manage to knock a few things off the list.
  1. Photographer (videographer?) - in process, we are waiting on info from another videographer before we call to book Steph and Brent for both (packaged deal may mean better discounts, right?)
  2. Room block - DONE! 35 rooms reserved at the nearest hotel with an attached bar (that stays open til 2am) and it just so happens it is newly renovated and very nice :)
  3. Transportation
    1. Limos for home to church and church to reception
    2.  Buses for to/from hotel and reception - got quotes, need to finalize guest list before we decide how many buses we'll need, I hope none of you are above riding in big yellow school buses :) if you are, don't tell me! Thanks!!
  4. Confirm start times for Ceremony and Reception
  5. Confirm date/time for Rehearsal/Dinner
  6. Find a Rehearsal Dinner location - some ideas in the works, more posts to follow.
  7. Registry - hahaha... I might have started this without Jay's help... we could maybe be registered at Crate & Barrel and Bed Bath & Beyond already.
  8. Attendant gifts - ideas are all I've got, and not very good ones.
  9. Parent gifts
  10. Florist - must remember to call tonight! Fortunately, centerpieces are included by the venue (kaching!) but my Godmother (Aunt Kathy) gave me info for her friend who is going to help us out with bouquets and boutonnieres.
  11. Hair/makeup/nails/facial?? preliminary discussions with my personal stylists (mom & Shiela) regarding the veil and headpiece dilemma posted earlier this week, need to schedule a time for them to work their magic on this mane and see what we can come up with, otherwise, I will be salon stalking in the not-so-distant future.
  12. Wedding Website - Done, see it here.
  13. Finalize Guestlist, send copy to MOH
  14. Find/order Invitations
  15. Buy a dress - Done! See the post here.
  16. Bridesmaids dresses - partially complete... 2 of 6 have dresses. 
  17. Speaking of bridesmaids, ask last girl to actually be one! 
 (did you notice how the list grew just now?)