Tuesday, February 12, 2013

If the Shoe Fits... and is under $30...

You buy that shit. I don't care who you are!

Although I did have dreams of walking down the aisle in some red-soled beauties, or channeling my inner-Carrie and rocking some Manolo's... my beer budget knocked my champagne taste right back in check.

Maybe spending an entire paycheck on 1 pair of shoes... that I would only wear once... that no one would really see since my dress is long... and I probably wouldn't even be able to wear all day since I will want to dance... well maybe that wasn't the most financially sound decision I was ever going to make. Maybe.

So of course, I can say that since I found a great pair of shoes, at DSW of all places, on SUPER CLEARANCE. When I tell you super clearance, I mean like less than 5% of what I was going to spend on crazy-expensive designer shoes. $26!!!!! Can you believe that!

sorry for my crappy picture below... but check out childMode's pic above - they are super cute :) Or Google-image search it: The Glass Slipper Collection "Cinderella" pump.

Thank God Alyssa called me today in need of some retail therapy! Just like me, shoe-shopping helps her feel better :) So off we went in search of some soul-soothing, and found some great shoes for the wedding!

She got these killer feather pumps for the wedding. I wish I wore the same size shoes as she does because I'd totally steal them from her. As it is, hers were also on uber-clearance so they were less than $40 and really, I could go get them for myself... if only they had my size!

The bottom is a lighter pewter color in real life and super sparkley so it looks so cute peaking out from under her dress when she walks. <3