Friday, February 8, 2013

Eating Pizza and Coloring on the Floor

Today was moving day for Carol! She left this morning with her dad to make the drive to Charlotte. Jay and his Uncle Jim will be driving the U-haul full o-stuff down tomorrow, not so bright, but waaaay early (they're leaving at 4:30am!!)

So Jay rallied the troops this afternoon and was able to wrangle his best friend, his older brother and our neice, my younger brother and his girlfriend/my friend.I don't know how they did it but in just a couple hours, they had everything out of the house and onto that truck! I felt like a bum when I got home because I had been at work (and lucked out) and couldn't help. I did swing by the liquor store while I was picking up pizza for everyone to ease their aching mover-muscles :)

So we did what I've been told is customary when you spend your first night in your new home. We ate pizza... while sitting on the floor, steps, random bar stool, 1 kitchen chair and partially-cleared-off sofa.

After Fid, Buddy, and Alyssa all left we hung out with Jay's brother and niece and just got to soak in that the house was really ours. Weird.

Jay's niece is 4 and so stinking cute I could just put her on a shelf! She taught me ballet in the living/dining room where we quickly discovered that Hunter boots are not optimal dancing shoes. We told secrets and talked about our favorite things while hiding out on the landing of the stairs. Then she and I made sure there were no ghosts upstairs in any of the empty bedrooms and finished off the night coloring pictures in a Shrek 2 coloring book on the floor (apparently when you're 4, the floor is the place to be... but at 28, I was hurtin' after about 3 minutes and had to suck it up).

It was definitely a night for the record books... but not one full of photo-ops. Again, sorry for a long picture-less post.

Tomorrow and Sunday will be jam-packed full of cleaning, organizing, and donating/trashing stuff (I love a good purge!!). I see a lot of Craigslisting in my future, and a yardsale as soon as Spring breaks!!

Consider yourselves officially ON NOTICE... this is no longer just a wedding blog :) It will now be wedding planning + house lovin + anything else that happens in our lives from here on out that will change now that we're becoming "grown ups".