Friday, February 15, 2013

The Game Plan

We have officially started working on the house!! And by we, I mean I since Jay was crazy-busy this weekend with work and his wrestling coaching stuff (regionals, districts, and states are all coming up this month, plus we're going to Alabama for his cousin's wedding) but I was just too anxious and needed to get started!

Our plan is to knock our the whole upstairs first because we want to get new carpet up there and on the steps. It's sooo much easier to paint when you don't have to worry about the mess you're making on the floor. We also are hoping to work through one level of our house at a time, that way we don't have to run up and down for tools and we can actually enjoy some livable, non-construction/renovation space while we work.

I went to Home Depot on my lunch break earlier this week to pick out paint swatches and we picked colors for all the upstairs rooms and the hall way and painted blocks on the walls to see which ones we liked best.

I have looked at them in literally every type of light at all times of day and night imaginable and after some seriously painstaking reviews, I am happy to report that we've picked the colors below.

When I showed my mom and sister these colors, they totally made fun of me for picking such "different" colors. The last thing Jay and I wanted to do was end up with a house that is all the same color, ala builder's grade white, which was everywhere in our house: the ceilings, walls, trim, EVERY inch... Except in the office which was orange and sponge paint and our hall bath was that color but feather duster-finished with Dutch Blue and Dusty Rose. We also didn't want it to be like Joseph's multi-colored coat either, where you have a veritable rainbow around you if you stand in the hall. So yes, maybe we might end up with an all-gray house (there are worse things) but all these colors look so nice together. I think they'll also look fantastic with the white ceilings and trim.

We had spackle from another job we did in the house so I just used that to fill in all the holes and we'll sand then prime it up tomorrow. We also have primer left over from that same job so we"ll use that to start but I know we'll need more before we get through the whole upstairs.

More tomorrow!