Friday, February 15, 2013

Things I Love: Toasting Flutes

So my sister asked me the other day (and by the other day, I mean about a month ago... when we didn't have any decisions made with certainty for our big day) if I'd thought about toasting flutes for the wedding.

? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? N O ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ?

So of course, I set out that day on a mission: to find the BEST TOASTING FLUTES EVER... and what did I come up with?

Well my lovely Sister/Matron of Honor suggested these beauties from Pottery Barn which is what go the whole thing started. They're totally pretty and they do match my sweet silver Homegoods impulse buys from the other day. I love the shape of them, I love that they can be engraved with our initials and I love the price. I just feel like I have an aversion to metal + glass... I know, I'm crazy! These are seriously so sweet and match great with the other stuff that we've already purchased and have way less glass/crystal for me to worry about breaking so they really are ideal... and perhaps it's because they are the first ones I saw, either way, I just don't think they're "it" for us.

These Galway Crystal flutes with the Claddagh sandblasted image are really pretty too, and bonus that Jay LOVES them (because they are very representative of our Heritage) but they are the same ones I got for Gary and Jenn when they got engaged. Since we're already getting married the same day (Black Friday, not the same date) as they did 2 years ago, I almost feel like enough's enough and that we should let these go.

Which brings me to the next culprit... oh Crystalline... so pretty, but soooo much money for 2 glasses that are more likely to sit on a shelf in a curio or china hutch than ever be truly "used" again.

So after being scared off by the price of Crystalline, which I swear, has literally doubled since the first time I looked at them (5+ years ago) and thought, "Yea! Whenever I get married, those are totally the ones we're using for toasting! If I could just find the right guy to marry"

So I searched the Macy's website, checked out some stuff at Bloomy's and Neiman's and eventually abandoned my search.

Then this week I had a flashback to our trip to Vegas (that wasn't about our engagement) So I started searching for the MacKenzie Childs Hunter Boots that I fell in love with while we were in Vegas. This adorable little boutique in the Bellagio had a whole bunch of her stuff and I decided to just check and see if they were available online, and how much they were gonna cost me. note: they're actually not  unreasonably priced... all things considered. double note: I have 2 pairs already, so I'm really not in the market for a 3rd pair, I just wanted to "window shop".

So whilst on my little trip down Memory Lane, I came across these little sweeties!
And I thought, WOW! FINALLY!!! And like most of the best things in life, they came to me when I wasn't looking

They are the ones that I love the most and are so completely significant because of our trip to Vegas where it all started... So that's what I'm loving today :)